Present architecture

For more than 40 years we have been producing, developing and fitting high quality light and sun shading products, befitting the styles of the actual ages.

For demanding designers and users alike.


Historical architecture

We construct and produce historical sun shading solutions with original materials respective to the architectural style of the building.

For a complete authentic architectural solution with a sense of style.


Business solutions

Systems for a clear view between control tower and run way, products made with components resistant to chemically enriched air, germ free textiles for sensitive areas in medical facilities.

For a professional execution of a sustainable and individual solution.


Marine & Yachting

3 on the beaufort scale, lightly cloudy blue sky, a gentle breeze - optimal conditions for a cruise, but every one knows, who has been to sea, that things can quickly change. Our products protect crews against heat and direct sun light.

For a more comfortable life on board.