Professional, dependable and effective sun shading is important in a daily working environment.

However not every standard product is suitable for every location. Special requirements are necessary for material and components which are set out in areas with chemically enriched air, high hygiene standards must be kept.

Obligatory safety regulations and precautions are important and must be followed strictly during the assembly work.

We develop and produce to the exact requirements of the relative area of light and screening solution as well as darkening and blackout systems.

Because of our Europe wide network of suppliers we can construct and produce special solutions to meet with customer based frame conditions.

The reliable and safe completion of our projects is owed to our reliable fitters, production workers and the ongoing training of our technicians.


Airport Tower

Despite the complex technology used in the control of local airspace, a clear view of the runway and surrounding area is crucial. 

To assure visibility even with strong direct sunlight, we use specially developed films for the control towers for example in Westerland-Sylt in Germany, the capital city in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, and the control tower in Papua New Guinera.

Safety areas

Because of the threat of terrorist attack on civilian and military facilities many companies and organisations have developed complex safety plans. Through the production of hazardous to health substances and products harmful to the environment, safety guidelines and procedures are obligatory.

Our staff are kept up to date with these procedures and are attentive in the execution to ensure a safe completion of work. We have customers in the chemical and oil industry we also have atomic power suppliers and military facilities.


The hygiene standards in hospitals are high, especially in Europe. Concepts for improving hospital hygiene are for protecting patients, staff and environment from harmful substances and germs.

Because of this we use textiles specially developed for these sensitive areas in our light and sun shading systems. The innovative germicidal treatment of our texiles inhibits the propagation of bacteria. Up to 99,9% of the germs are killed. 

Indoor swimming pools

The requirements of materials and surfaces are high in such damp areas; with a water temperature of 30ºC around 0.4 l of water evaporates for every m² of surface water in the pool per hour. Our products are resistant to this aggressive environment consisting of high humidity an chemicals like chloramines and chloroform.

Furthermore our systems fulfil all requirements needed for electronic equipment used for indoor swimming pools - for example the Olympia centre in Berlin (Germany).