We have been operating as a medium sized, and owner managed enterprise in Germany and neighbouring countries since 1972. Besides having a complete portfolio with high value standard solutions, we are also specialised in the production of individual small series projects and single piece work and offer throughout, all facets of service; from the development of innovative products, through the production to the fitting in or on buildings. Service and maintenance is carried out from our own staff.

Whether a large project with thousands of blinds or a project based design with only small series – it is important for us that our products are always produced and perfected to a high standard.

Quality management

Stringent production procedures, a developed communication and information process, as well as an ongoing quality control, ensure a high standard of product and service.

The ongoing training of our staff, together with the deliveries from chosen innovative suppliers, is the basis for state of the art products.

Because of this, we have advised and delivered with constant growth for decades internationally successful architecture firms, general contractors, building companies, public developers as well as demanding private builders.

Ecology and sustainability

Comprehensive and responsible action, environmental awareness and a production with limited use of resources is a personal concern of ours.

We are constantly active in the ecological optimisation of our products. In doing so, we pay close attention to use optimisation and sustainable technologies, as well as the use of recyclable products. Getting ready for tomorrow dismantling - today.


14 - 19 January 2019

Visit us on the BAU 2019.

1th October 2018



 We have expanded and strengthened our presence in the market. From now on we are trading together with the partners Peter and Sven Müsing, managing partners of the MLL-Hamburg Group, as

HELIOSWERKE® solTec GmbH. A company of the MLL-Hamburg Group.

The MLL-Hamburg Group has been providing holistic solutions for challenging and advanced construction projects for 35 years in the fields of weather protection grilles, lamella facades, ventilation systems, and last but not least innovative large slats in sun protection as well.

By the addition to our product portfolio, we are now positioned even more broadly in the market. So the course is set for a solid growing company and a shared successful future.

We look forward to a continued pleasant cooperation with you.

Peter Müsing Sven Müsing Mathias G. Walter
Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director

6th January 2016

Project “privacy shield and glare protection” at superyacht in Spain completed.

Project “privacy shield and glare protection” at superyacht in Spain completed.

Since summer 2015 we planned and developed a privacy shield and glare protection solution for a superyacht (50m Loa) located in Spain. (The name of the yacht, as well as the harbour are not called with regard to the privacy of the owner.)

In close coordination with yacht-designer and ship outfitting company we developed customized textile solutions for different versions of windows. Constructing the glare-protection for the front-windows of the wheelhouse was especially exciting. For this windows in the form of different parallelograms we constructed pre-tautened variants of roller-blinds with cross-draught. This will ensure a safe and noise-free work of our products in any swell.

Our engineers and fitters are looking forward to the next job because the dates of measurement and assembly on-site in Spain were very popular especially in wintertime.

19.01.2015 until 24.01.2015

BAU 2015: Premiere of our segment shading at the stand of Semcoglas hall C2, stand 320.

BAU 2015: Premiere of our segment shading at the stand of Semcoglas hall C2, stand 320.

At the BAU 2015 in Munich / Germany we present our segment shading in combination with “Klimaglas” from Semcoglas Holding GmbH. In a exponat we show the advantages of the combination of both products. Further we inform about the experience with the one year old reference-object in Westerstede close to Oldenburg / Germany.

A building with glas facade and an inside glare protection without an outsite heating protection system and without expensive air conditioning.

14.11.2014 until 16.11.2014

HELIOSWERKE® at the EUHEF 2014 in Vienna / Austria

HELIOSWERKE® at the EUHEF 2014 in Vienna / Austria

Because of the successful trade fair in Wiesbaden/Germany HELIOSWERKE® were as exhebitor at the EUHEF (European Heritage Fair) in Vienna/Austria.

This trade fair took place in the sensational historic halls of the impressive Hofburg at the same time with the antiques trade fair ART & ANTIQUE.

The EUHEF was opened by Mrs. Dr. Barbara Neubauer, the president of the Austrian Federal Agency of Memorial.

15th November 2013

Segment shading in the new building of Semcoglas Holding GmbH

The segment shading is a new development from HELIOSWERKE® for Interiors. Only one shade element would normally be needed to protect a portion of a room. With a low standing sun the only way to shade would be to close the shade completely, darkening the entire room. To be able to work in such a room, lighting would be needed, raising the already high energy overheads.

With our segment shading the needed area can be shaded separately, allowing light through the opening above to improve ambient light and the well being of the inhabitants inside, not to mention the sinking of energy costs.

Semcoglas Holding GmbH chose our segment shading as shading solution when extending their company head quarters in Westerstede in Germany. Because of the exceptionally low g-value of the Semco Klima glass being used, there was no further Thermal insulation needed, just the temporary segment shading. The elegant pretensioned rod-rigg was chosen for the individual segment guides.

07.11.2013 until 09.11.2013

HELIOSWERKE® at the EUHEF in Wiesbaden

HELIOSWERKE® at the EUHEF in Wiesbaden

The European Heritage Fair - EUHEF for short, is the trade fair for monument preservation, architecture, interior design and landscape gardening. We are presenting our shading solutions for monumental buildings. Using original materials, paying close attention to details and style, for an authentic solution.

State of the art technologies are used, UV durable textiles, specially impregnated wood for wooden rolling shutters, innovative motor and control technologies for the perfect integration in complex FM systems.

HELIOSWERKE® stand at the EUHEF trade fair

Reinhard Holste (left) authorised signatory and sales manager from HELIOSWERKE® talking with a client.

Baron Christoph Schenck from Schweinsberg (left) director of the Trade Fair organiser European Heritage Fair HMM Heritage Media & Marketing GmbH, talking to Mathias G. Walter, managing partner of the HELIOSWERKE®.

1st November 2013

1st November 2013 HELIOSWERKE® website goes online.


The new website went online directly after the renaming of dinilux Licht- und Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG into HELIOSWERKE® GmbH & Co. KG on the 1st of November 2013.

An overview can be seen of the complete product Portfolio and services. Over the next few months the website will be worked on to show further Information regarding the products and activities from the HELIOSWERKE®.

We would be pleased to keep you informed of what’s happening in Current News, in the future. Just use our contact form or send us a short eMail; we will get in contact with you.

30th October 2013

dinilux® Licht- und Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG will be renamed into HELIOSWERKE® GmbH & Co. KG


dinilux® Licht- und Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG is to operate under the name of HELIOSWERKE® GmbH & Co. KG. In the spring of 2013 the word and picture trade mark of HELIOSWERKE® was registered at the German patent office in Munich (DPMA). After the change of owners last year, one further step was taken for a new position on the European sun protection market.

Since the take over, the company has been restructured. Processes newly formed, products optimised and additional to the experienced staff, new staff employed and trained. Direct after the sale of the company, significant investments were made in organisation and communication (ERP, CAD, ZDE and Exchange) to re construct the company.

1st September 2012

Change of owner at dinilux®

On the 1st September 2012 Mathias G. Walter became the sole partner of dinilux® Lichtschutzsysteme Handelsgesellschaft mbH, the complementary GmbH of the dinilux® Licht- und Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG, as well as limited partner. Dieter Niemann will withdraw as company manager after many successful years in the position, and escort the company during the transfer in an advisory role. With this step the takeover of the company was complete and the future of the 40 year old company secured. 


The company will stay at the same location, all staff member are to be kept and further staff are to be employed, to optimise the advisory service. Company land and buildings are now property of the new owner.

1st May 2012

A further company manager to join

Weiterer Geschäftsführer wird bestellt

On the 1st may 2012 Mathias G. Walter joined the company as company manager. With this the first step was made for the takeover of the company. The company founder Dieter Niemann who is now 72 years old, is now preparing for retirement after over 40 years at the head of a successful company. The businessman Mathias G. Walter from Hanover has been in managerial positions in middle sized companies for more than 20 years, 13 of which as company manager.      

13th April 2007

dinilux® Licht- und Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

dinilux® Licht- und Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

All staff and assets including machinery and invested capital from the dinilux® GmbH-Lichtschutzsysteme will be transferred to the dinilux® Licht- und Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG. 

1st April 1997

New office wing completed

The new extension came into use today to house the growing number of office staff.

July 1991

Expansions made for new storage equipment

A new racking system for the optimisation of storage space has been completed, allowing the use of a fork lift truck.


The first CAD Software

Because of the growing technical requirements of the designers and technicians, a new CAD system has been installed.

1st July 1984

Renaming in to dinilux GmbH-Lichtschutzsysteme

Die The “Dieter Niemann – Herstellung von Sonnenschutz- und Verdunkelungsanlagen” will be changed into a GmbH and renamed in to „dinilux GmbH-Lichtschutzsysteme“ All staff and assets including machinery and invested capital will be transferred to the new company.


Further expansions

The expansions were made for needed storage space, to reduce delivery times. At the same time the office wing became a new facade.

24th September 1980

dinilux® becomes trade mark


On the 24 September 1980 the word dinilux® becomes a word trade mark at the trade mark office in Munich (DPMA).


Installation of the first high frequency welding machine

Up until this time textiles were ordered to our measurements, now we are in the position to produce and develop our own solutions using textiles.


Installation of the first roll former

Because of newly developed products, roll forming equipment will be installed, production of our own blades can start.

1st July 1977

The next new building is to be built

3 years after the completion of the first production area, an expansion is needed. The new production area and offices will be built on land recently acquired for this.

March 1974

The first new building is finished

The production area for the growing company is now too small. The new building will be opened in March 1974.

Spring 1973

The first Staff are employed

After just one year of the company’s founding, new staff with help from temporary workers are employed.

24th February 1972

Company Founding

The company “Dieter Niemann – Herstellung von Sonnenschutz- und Verdunkelungsanlagen” was registered at the Alwede Town Hall. The businessman and company founder Dieter Niemann, has been successful for many years in the sun protection Industry. Production was started directly after the signing of the registration in the Town Hall.