Sun screening has been with us since the dawn of time, the solutions of the past have indisputably been developed into comfortable and professional systems.

However, the design of modern sun shading systems only works with actual architectural and interior styles.

This is why we develop and produce authentic and stylish sun shading products for historical buildings with original materials respective to the buildings architectural style and age.

We can of course adapt our historical solutions with modern technology and components to meet with required needs.

Specially impregnated wood roller blinds, UV-durable and mildew resistant textiles, modern motor technologies pooled with state of the art control systems are key elements in our historical products which when integrated with FM systems can lead to a low maintenance aesthetic sun shading solution.

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HELIOS® Drop arm awnings

A drop arm awning is a flexible sun shading solution which has not changed in its basic functions for more than a century. 

Our products are custom made for the architectural style of every individual building. The metals which we use are wet-lacquered in our own paint shop, not powder coated. This way we gain an authentic “bygone” surface and lose the sterile new age coating. We use traditional visible springs, bolts and rivets as were used in the past.

Weatherproof and easy to clean coloured and striped materials, offer pleasant shade. Hand sewn pelmets and elaborate metal lambrequins complete the authentic historical overall picture.

HELIOS® Awnings or Marquee

Awnings are the ancestors of the modern day folding arm awnings. Their fascinating mechanics, even in the 19th century allowed them a large overhang.

Many of these awnings have been used far into the 20 century, mainly because of their sturdy construction, in private households and businesses alike across Europe. This type of awning has been replaced over the last century with the aluminium folding arm awning.

We have optimised these historical awnings with modern technology and are now in the position to offer a stylish and authentic shading system from days gone by with the technical comforts of today

HELIOS® Wooden roller shutters

The earlier wooden roller shutters were then a variable form of blocking and sun shading. On the one side the blocking, as we know it today. However with a slight height adjustment an ideal shading system, through the gaps between the blades we are presented with a fascinating shadow show, still allowing us a view to the outside world.

Our wooden blades are specially impregnated and dried to offer a high strength of shape. The blades we use are made the same authentic shape of the era, and set in original-sized metal guide rails.


HELIOS® Blinds / Conservatoryblinds

The function of a conservatory is to produce an acclimatised environment for delicate plants. By taking a look back in time, we can see that to achieve this an effective shading system is mandatory.

An unobtrusive integration of the shading system is important, since this is not just a place where plants should grow, it should also be a place to enjoy and relax. Because of this, comfortable and aesthetic fitments are important.