Advice, planning and site management

The individual advisory, planning and site management service plays a large role in our service philosophy. Your project will be assigned a technician from the offer and planning stage, he will be your supervisor and contact person through the whole project duration. 

With this centralistic idea it is assured that your site manager will always have all relevant information and you are cared for competently.

We will follow your project from the start, not just technically, in the choice of system and details but commercial also.

Through this form of assistance the technical and design as well as budget planning is integrated into the planning and development stage.

Customer specified product development

Our selection of products is large and varied; even so we add new products and variations of standing products every year to our portfolio.

We enjoy developing creative and construction requirements together with engineers and architects for their projects.

We can offer you over 40 years of trade experience in the matter.

Fitting and AfterSale

Responsible technicians assure an optimal and careful fitting of our systems with historical buildings. Next to our own fitters we also employ subcontractors, some of which we have worked with for more than a decade and in the second generation. With determination and team work we can meet deadlines for fitting.

We have our own specially trained staff that dependably clean, and maintain our products, this way a long life can be assured for our high quality products.

Of course we can advise on refurbishment and building extensions. Most often, can an existing system be supplemented without having to replace the presently existing equipment cost-intensive.

If after years of service our products need to be repaired, we have a large and varied range of spare parts in storage to fall back on. So that repairs can still be made fast and cost-effective, even after many years, without having to reinvest in new equipment.  

For repairs on site or on our grounds, we only use original spare parts for a higher durability.

This is a good reason to make the right decision for a light and sun protection system from HELIOSWERKE® as a safe investment, with intrinsic value and a long life cycle.